Source code for doctr.models.zoo

# Copyright (C) 2021-2022, Mindee.

# This program is licensed under the Apache License version 2.
# See LICENSE or go to <> for full license details.

from typing import Any

from .detection.zoo import detection_predictor
from .predictor import OCRPredictor
from .recognition.zoo import recognition_predictor

__all__ = ["ocr_predictor"]

def _predictor(
    det_arch: str,
    reco_arch: str,
    pretrained: bool,
    assume_straight_pages: bool = True,
    preserve_aspect_ratio: bool = False,
    symmetric_pad: bool = True,
    det_bs: int = 2,
    reco_bs: int = 128,
) -> OCRPredictor:

    # Detection
    det_predictor = detection_predictor(

    # Recognition
    reco_predictor = recognition_predictor(reco_arch, pretrained=pretrained, batch_size=reco_bs)

    return OCRPredictor(

[docs]def ocr_predictor( det_arch: str = 'db_resnet50', reco_arch: str = 'crnn_vgg16_bn', pretrained: bool = False, assume_straight_pages: bool = True, preserve_aspect_ratio: bool = False, symmetric_pad: bool = True, export_as_straight_boxes: bool = False, **kwargs: Any ) -> OCRPredictor: """End-to-end OCR architecture using one model for localization, and another for text recognition. >>> import numpy as np >>> from doctr.models import ocr_predictor >>> model = ocr_predictor('db_resnet50', 'crnn_vgg16_bn', pretrained=True) >>> input_page = (255 * np.random.rand(600, 800, 3)).astype(np.uint8) >>> out = model([input_page]) Args: det_arch: name of the detection architecture to use (e.g. 'db_resnet50', 'db_mobilenet_v3_large') reco_arch: name of the recognition architecture to use (e.g. 'crnn_vgg16_bn', 'sar_resnet31') pretrained: If True, returns a model pre-trained on our OCR dataset assume_straight_pages: if True, speeds up the inference by assuming you only pass straight pages without rotated textual elements. preserve_aspect_ratio: If True, pad the input document image to preserve the aspect ratio before running the detection model on it. symmetric_pad: if True, pad the image symmetrically instead of padding at the bottom-right. export_as_straight_boxes: when assume_straight_pages is set to False, export final predictions (potentially rotated) as straight bounding boxes. kwargs: keyword args of `OCRPredictor` Returns: OCR predictor """ return _predictor( det_arch, reco_arch, pretrained, assume_straight_pages=assume_straight_pages, preserve_aspect_ratio=preserve_aspect_ratio, symmetric_pad=symmetric_pad, export_as_straight_boxes=export_as_straight_boxes, **kwargs, )